Top 10 Tuesday: Book & Blogging Resolutions for 2016

2016goalsIt is once again that time of year where we set goals for ourself so we can feel bad later about not achieving them. That didn’t sound very optimistic, did it? I know. I apologize – but, that’s just how I feel! I’m great at setting goals but accomplishing them, well, that’s a different story. *sigh*

Last year, I set some blogging & bookish goals and I did alright on them. My best one was utilizing the library and not purchasing books. I did still purchase books but I only allowed myself to buy things that a) were not available at either library in town and b) something that had been on my “to buy” list for more than a few months. So, no random picking up books because they looked interesting. Instead, I’ve methodically made my way through a list of books I would like to have. Almost 97% of my reading in 2015 was from library books. So, I’d consider that a success!

book & blogging Goals for 2016

It’s only six, but I’m not stressing about it. ;-)

  • Continue reading and exploring what I want to read without getting caught up in only reading “buzz-worthy” books. I will say this, though, the bloggers I follow religiously (Shannon, Leah, Julianne,  Shaina and Jen) all read similarly to myself and I know if they’re blogging about a book then I should probably give it my time.
  • Review what really moves me and let the rest go. I don’t want to review every single book I read, ever. There’s just too many and because of the increase in my reading my reviewing has dropped considerably. Perhaps I will do more mini reviews and just blurb a little how I felt about each title.
  • Forget the ARCs. You read that right. This past year I think I requested maybe two ARCs, total. I know the little notes on our review policy pages all say that just because we receive a book doesn’t mean we will review it but… I always feel obligated to. Not anymore. This year I’m focusing on what I already have.
  • Read my own damn books. I have two book cases of books that I’ve not read yet. I keep accumulating more! So, this year, I am going to concentrate on reading my own damn books.
  • Stress less about when I blog. It’s eaten me up this year when I’ve not been posting regularly and readership is down but hey – I’m living my life and I’m not tied to the computer. So, it is what it is. This year, I’m not going to allow myself to stress out about it.
  • Engage more with others. Whether it be with fellow bloggers (*waves*) or with other book lovers (*waves*) I want to connect more, learn  more about who is reading my blog, and develop or kindle new friendships.

Here’s some mottos I’ve come up with for the year:

Read thoroughly. Buy occasionally. Review selectively. 
Don’t frown; Put it down. (In regards to DNF-ing a book.)

What are your goals for this year? Link me!


11 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Book & Blogging Resolutions for 2016

  1. Most of my reading last year was from the library as well, but that meant that I wasn’t reading my own books. So this year I’m going to try to actually use the library less, which doesn’t seem right. But that’s the only way I’m going to have time to read my own books. I’ll have to still use the library some so that my librarians don’t worry about me. :)
    I like your mottos. Good luck with your goals!

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  2. I agree that is an amazing percentage and share your scepticism about resolutions.

    I love your mottos too, I wish I read your post sooner as I would have stolen some of them for my own list but I love that you’re going to take control of your own reading and not be dictated by the latest buzz or your blog. Good luck with your resolutions and happy reading for 2016! :-)

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  3. I always get so happy whenever I hear of people using their libraries more often! I don’t even work at a library (I wish though!) but I just love them so much, haha.

    I feel like I could’ve written this list for myself. I have many of the same bookish resolutions for this year, especially engaging more and stressing less. Here’s to hoping we both stick to our plans!

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  4. Ah, I didn’t see this shout-out until now! Thank you. :)

    Three of our goals are exactly the same—read our own damned books, stress less, and review selectively. I hope we can both stick to them and stress out less about who is (or isn’t) reading our work. This is supposed to be fun, right? ;)

    And I love your goal of resisting the buzz. It can be so hard! It feels like a privilege to be in the know about upcoming things (or even able to read them early!), but then we can get stuck feeling obligated to write reviews or only follow the hype. So hard, and I admire you for tackling it.

    Happy new year (one month late)!



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