It’s Monday, January 3rd – What are you reading?

Monday 01-04-16

Happy Monday, everyone! If it’s your first day back after a long holiday break then I am very sorry. Here’s a cute video of baby bunnies eating a banana to help get you through your day. :-D

This weekend I dove into “The People in the Trees” by Hanya Yanagihara and I’m really enjoying it. It’s really so beautifully written and intriguing! And, it looks like I might be jumping in with the Hamilton Readalong going on. I just found out about it today so we shall see but it’s looking likely. If I buy this book then it will totally count towards the Read My Own Damn Books thing, right? Right?! Well, sort of?

I am going to be concentrating on reading mostly the books I have on my shelves and checking out less from the library and requesting less ARCs (I don’t do much of that anyway). And, after getting such hefty gift cards for the holidays, I’ve got quite the stack of new additions to make my way through!

What are you reading?


6 thoughts on “It’s Monday, January 3rd – What are you reading?

  1. Well it will be your own damn book, soooo. lol I’m cutting myself a break in the comics area. I’ll still be downloading them because reading them definitely helps me write for Panels. Everybody needs a little slack somewhere. Enjoy The People in the Trees! It’s high on my “want when I decide to buy books” list.



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