It’s Monday, Dec. 28th – What are you reading?


Happy Monday, everyone! Or perhaps, not so happy if it’s the day you return to Real Life after holiday vacation. :)

Right now, I am reading The New Rules for Love, Sex and Dating by Andy Stanley who does the educational sermons for the church I attend. (He is awesome.) This book was gifted to me by a dear coworker who attends the same church and she wanted me to have it and the advice that it contains for the new relationship that I am in. How sweet! So far, it’s a good read – not too preachy at all (though I believe in God, I am not a fan of being talked down to like some authors tend to do) but instead just contains realistic advice for any age of dater. Not sure if I will do a full review on this one later but we shall see. I am enjoying it, nonetheless.

In fiction, I am reading Under the Wide and Starry Sky by Nancy Horan and also enjoying it so far. I picked this up with some of my Christmas monies and got the hardcover copy for only $6.00! Score! I will likely not review this book since it’s an older one but I’m only about forty pages into it so who knows.

What are you reading today?



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