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RecentReadsOctober2015Hello! I have not died!

I’ve been more active on Twitter and Instagram lately because I’ve very rarely had the occasion to pick up my laptop for blogging. Life has been extremely hectic lately. I started my second job while we were short staffed at the library so I’ve been working nonstop. Last weekend was my first days off in over three weeks! But, things are good. I also started going to the gym regularly and hired a personal trainer. In the last 18 days I’ve lost 2″ in the waist! All this being said, my reading time has taken a heavy hit. I’m still reading before bed each night but according to my Jawbone UP, my average time to fall asleep is four minutes… so I often don’t make it very far into a book before crashing out.

Anyway! On to what I’ve read recently. I took a break from my RIPx challenge books because I just couldn’t get into anything I was choosing. Instead, I picked up The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman because at the conference I attended recently we had a class on the love languages of children and I wanted to learn more about it for children and adults. I am normally not a big fan of self-help type books but this advice is sound in my opinion. I would encourage anyone to pick this up because it could help you relate to others — not just significant others.

Also, I requested my library purchase Felicia Day’s memoir, You’re Never Weird on the Internet [Almost] and it came in just after I returned the other book so I went ahead and read it. Definitely worth a read. Felicia Day is amazing! A really cool read for geeky girls that want to be inspired to keep doing their own thing.

The last thing I finished was Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I am sad to say I was disappointed in this novel. It was not everything I had hoped it would be. Maybe it was too hyped up. I don’t know but I found it to be a let down. I’m disappointed that I bought the book instead of checking it out from the library. (Our copy had been checked out so long we thought it wasn’t coming back and it was, of course, immediately returned as soon as I purchased this!) Not sure if I will continue the next in the series.

Right now, I am reading The Evolution of Faith by Philip Gulley and it is interesting. I find myself flagging a lot of things that I agree with so I feel like I will eventually share my thoughts on it at some point. Other things I’ve got my eye on for the month are resuming The Invention of Murder by Judith Flanders. I started it but with all my work stuff happening and the other non-fiction book I’m reading it was just too much. So, I will finish the other first and then get to this one. Also want to read The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon and The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood.


2 thoughts on “Book & Life Update

  1. I have The 5 Love Languages on deck to read (or listen to – I also have a copy of the audiobook), and hope to get to it soon. Glad you enjoyed it! I’ve heard excellent things about it.

    I think I might need to give the Felicia Day book a shot too!


  2. I know you said that your reading has taken a hit, but it seems like you’ve been doing plenty!

    I’m not usually one for the self-help genre either, but you’ve got me mighty curious about The Five Love Languages. My boyfriend and I have very different ways of showing affection and, though we generally communicate well, I think we could be better about it. This might give me some good ideas!

    Also, congrats on your lost inches! That must feel amazing. :)



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