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What I’m Reading & RIP X Update


First, the bad news: I haven’t finished a single book in the last week and I’m about one chapter shy of giving up on A Discovery of Witches. It’s just so slow and exceptionally detailed. It’s just kind of weird. I like it but it isn’t grabbing me. As one Goodreads review put it, “A little detail here and there is flavor, too much is encyclopedic and boring.”

Second, the good news: There is a reason I’ve not finished much reading this week and that is because… I’ve got a second job! I love my work at the library but it is only part time and so I had casually been looking for a supplement that could work around my library schedule since it cannot change. I ended up volunteering for our local HIPPY program (follow the link for more details) and after a day of volunteering I emailed the coordinator and asked what requirements were to work there. I ended up with a job offer the next morning! It will work great with my existing schedule and it’s a cause I truly care about so I feel lucky to have stumbled into it!

That being said, I was immediately whisked off to a First Teachers conference and orientation session so life at home has been chaotic. Hopefully things will settle down soon.

My goal for this week is to finish Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells and at least start The Invention of Murder! But, from here on out I will be working about 50 hours a week so don’t hold me to any lists that I make. :)


2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading & RIP X Update

  1. Congratulations again on the second job! That’s so awesome that you’re doing two things that you clearly love. :)

    I know it can be so tough to do, but DNF! You’ll feel so much lighter and more excited about reading other things.


  2. How far into A Discovery of Witches are you? I DNF’ed it a few years ago, but since then two of my friends have read the whole series and said that it gets much much better. I’m thinking of giving it another go.

    And – big congrats on the new job!!! Very awesome. :)



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