Reading My Shelves: A Personal Challenge


Hello, everyone! I am writing to you from the library as I have still not gotten my poor computer repaired. But, my reading slump has abated somewhat so that is news! Hooray! Also, I’ve settled in a bit more at my new position so things are much less hectic than they were before and I feel that I can resume posting when I can find time to actually be a patron at the library instead of just working.

In lieu of my library recently instituting some changes regarding staff members not being able to waive their own fines anymore (librarians, feel free to discuss in the comments) I have been checking out far less books from my own facility. Also, there’s been fewer new releases that I’ve really wanted to read lately and one day, while admiring one of the shelves I have (you do that too, right?) I thought to myself, “I should really read all the things I own and haven’t read yet.”

I tend to buy a lot of books for stock. Classics or generally just good titles I’ve heard a lot about that I feel I should read at some point. Well, no time like the present, right? I was actually pretty horrified when I took a proper inventory of my entire book collection and realized how much I had purchased with the intention to “read it later” and hadn’t made time to read it yet. So, I’ve moved all the books I’ve already read to another room and the books on my bedroom shelf are all awaiting my page turning.

The Goal: To read all the books on my personal bookshelf in my bedroom that I’ve not yet read. I believe the count is around 60 books. Granted, I probably won’t get to them all this year.

Has anyone else struggled with buying books they intended to “read later”?


12 thoughts on “Reading My Shelves: A Personal Challenge

  1. Hmm. Define “struggle.” :) Fortunately or unfortunately, collecting them for the shelves is almost half the fun, right? So yes, I always have what feels like a ginormous backlog. It’s made worse by library checkouts and ARCs. This year I’ve been horrible about reading things off my own backlog shelf, I just can’t seem to gain traction. I know some folks are doing a TBR challenge where they challenge themselves to read at least one a month or some such thing. Maybe we could push each other to do at least that. I’d say read more off that shelf each month than we put on it, but we know that isn’t happening. Maybe a monthly post/check-in of sorts? An overflow challenge?


    1. Well, for me I plan to read strictly off my personal shelves. I have some amazing things here. I think it will be a fun personal challenge for me and my reward can always be filling the shelves right back up again. ;)


  2. I own so many books that I bought to read at some point in the future but still haven’t read them yet. After April I plan to start reading only the books that I own. I feel as though some of the ones I own, I won’t want to own after I read them so it will help me make room on my shelves for books that I would like to own but don’t currently have the space for.


  3. Really great goal! I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately – even though I’ve slowed down how many new books I’m buying, I still tend to read the books I just bought, vs the ones that have been patiently waiting for years. I’ve been thinking about doing a personal challenge as well – I’m thinking something along the lines of 1 for 1 between new and old books: for every 1 book I read that I’ve had over a year, I can then read 1 newly acquired book. I’m not yet sure when I’ll start this goal though, haha! It’s been stewing in my brain for a while though.


  4. Yes. There’s a lot that sits on my shelf until one day I finally seize it. Have to be in the right mood for it. Good luck with your 60!



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