The Sunday Post: My Week in Review – Feb. 15th – 21st

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Hello, lovelies! Happy Sunday to you! Hope you are all comfy in your pajamas with a cup of hot coffee/tea in hand and reading! Here it’s a perfect day for it; it’s not quite overcast but drizzling rain just enough to make the birds happy. For those of you covered in feet of snow you have my sincere condolences from the lovely 70 degree weather here in south Alabama. :)

This week has been a fairly okay reading week compared to the last few I’ve had. Hooray! I might be working my way out of my reading slump!




This week I finished The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion–such a cute story! I found myself very heavily identifying with Don Tillman in many aspects of life which now has me wondering if I have Aspergers tendencies. Probably not, but I’m still curious. Have you read The Rosie Project? What about The Rosie Effect? I may pick that up soon.


I never did finish Florence Gordon by Brian Morton before–I got distracted and my checkout expired! But, I’ve checked it out again and I’m reading it now. I also started The Kept by James Scott on audio and it’s very interesting so far. Have you read either of these?


Already have The Hundred-Year House by Rebecca Makkai checked out on my Kindle for when I finish Florence Gordon. :)

What are you up to this Sunday?


8 thoughts on “The Sunday Post: My Week in Review – Feb. 15th – 21st

  1. That does sound like good reading weather. We are some of those people in the north where it’s about 50 degrees colder, so glad someone has 70’s. :) Alabama sound pretty good right about now!

    I heard The Rose Project was good, I may need to get that one.


  2. I loved The Rosie Project, and I, too, identified with Don, but I definitely don’t have Asperger’s…LOL. Also read and enjoyed The Rosie Effect, but not as much. It seemed underwhelming…but I hope you like it.

    I LOVED Florence Gordon, much more than I had expected. Hope you do, too.



    1. Well, I was very intrigued in the very beginning but I’m about seven chapters in and it is moving SO slowly. (For example: The beginning takes place with an event inside a home. In chapter three, we were still discussing it and the characters hadn’t moved from it yet.) I don’t know that I will continue it yet or not. It’s written in a way that the imagery is strong and beautiful but I’m thinking I might enjoy it more if I read it vs. listen to it.



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