Top 10 Tuesday: Book Related Problems



  • I want to read everything all at once. 
    Seriously, I will come home with a stack of books from the library just knowing that I won’t have time to finish most of them. It’s like I can’t help myself.
  • I love paperbacks so much more than hardcovers.
    I cannot even really justify this other than I prefer the way they feel and they’re easier for me to hold. The problem with this is that they are usually released much later than the first run of the book. *sigh*
  • I like pretty books.
    Before making the decision to purchase a hardcover over a paperback, I will usually pull back the dust jacket and inspect what the hardcover looks like. If it’s ugly or boring I will wait read it at the library or digitally and for the paperback before I purchase. :-X
  • I need to own a copy of everything. (But, don’t we all?)
    While I have definitely embraced library lending much more than ever I still find myself wanting to own the titles I really want. Books are my friends and I don’t like taking them back.
  • I’m a mood reader.
    This isn’t always a bad thing, I suppose. However, it makes planning of any sort a worthless attempt. I have found that as soon as I plan to read something I have lost all interest in reading it. -___-
  • My cats love my bookmarks. 
    So maybe this is more of a Cat Lady problem and less of a book problem but it’s a problem for me nonetheless. I have no tassels left on any bookmarks!
  • I need more bookshelves!
    In fact, while we’re at it, I need my own library. But, truthfully, I’ve used all of my own shelving and some borrowed in other rooms of the house. And things are no longer neat and tidy–some books are stacked on top of the rows or some shelves are double stacked.
  • The titles I want to read are frequently not available at the library or chain book store unless I specifically request them.
    I mean, what happened here? Am I a book hipster? Or are we all just so on the pulse of the market that we’re ahead of everyone else? I will just say that since I no longer heavily influence collection development my reading has dropped until my finances can support more book purchases.
  • At one point in my life, books constituted the majority of my monthly expenses. 
    According to the little pie graph my bank offers me monthly to “see where my money goes”, there were at least a few months in which the section for “entertainment” was considerably larger than others. Oops.
  • I won’t let myself buy e-books.
    I just can’t do it. To spend money on something I cannot physically sit on myself is just something I can’t wrap my brain around. If I’m going to shell out money for something it is going to have a permanent place on my shelf!

What are your book related problems? 


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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Book Related Problems

  1. Oh I’m glad I’m not the only one who prefers paperbacks over hardcovers. They’re just so bulky and hard to hold. I relate to so much of this – especially wanting to read everything at once and needing more bookcases. To be honest with very few exceptions I don’t buy ebooks either. I either get them as review books or library books. Every once in awhile I’ll go wild and buy a daily deal but that’s about it. Great list!

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    1. Yes! Same here! I’ve bought maybe three e-books but I borrow the majority from the library and then buy the paperback when it comes out! (Why do I need a paperback copy for myself when a) I’ve read the book and b) will likely never re-read it? I don’t know. I ask this of myself daily…)


    1. Yes! I’m hesitant to commit to too many things at once because of this. I’ve committed a few times and, in the end, just really didn’t want to read the ARCs right then. -__-


  2. I prefer to read paperbacks too. While hardbacks look nicer, paperbacks are so much easier to hold, transport, etc. spending money on ebooks bothers me too. I have an eReader for eArcs and I love free ebooks but otherwise I MIGHT spend up to $2 on ebooks. With prints we are not limited. i can loan it, trade it, sell it, etc. Ebooks are just forever files you are stuck with.



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