Blogger’s Book Club?

originalSo last week, I replied to a comment left by Stefani of Caught Read Handed saying we should start our own blogger book club and it got us thinking…

I would really like to be part of a book club but it’s difficult for me to carve out time for an actual face-to-face meeting for local clubs. Also, *whispers* I don’t really like their books. Who better to read with than other book bloggers that essentially have their fingers (and eyes) on the pulse of the book world? That’s what I thought!

Right now we are just in the information gathering stage to see who might be interested and what the basics would be. So far, here’s what we agree on:

  • Any blogger can join, not just book bloggers (this includes vloggers, too!)
  • Any genre. We’ll decide later how we’re going to go about choosing titles, but we’d like to keep it very open
  • Come and go as your schedule/tastes allow. You can still discuss books that you didn’t read as long as you don’t mind them being spoiled.

The rest, we’d like to get your opinion on!

With that being said, if you think you might be interested please head over and fill out this form to tell us your thoughts!



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