How do you make time for reading?

So, fellow bloggers and reading enthusiasts, I have a question.

How do you make time for your reading? Now that I have a full time job and an about a 45-60 minute commute to and from work, I am finding that I’m really struggling to sit down and read like I did before.

Before the job change I read every night before bed for at least an hour but these days when I try I usually fall asleep a few pages in. I feel like my “free time” (aka time I am not actually at work) is spent doing all the grown up crap that I don’t really want to do but kind of have to do– paying bills, tending to the zoo, cleaning up, doing laundry, etc.

My reading time is really suffering and I don’t like it! I see so many other bloggers than manage to finish several books in a week and I can’t help but wonder how the manage it! So, my question is – what’s your method? Do you have any tips for me?


5 thoughts on “How do you make time for reading?

  1. I’d love to hear what others say about this. At med school it was manageable for me to read a lot, but since starting work this year it’s been really hard! I’m just so TIRED after work every day!


  2. Sorry to hear your reading is suffering! Since you have a fairly long commute, you could try audiobooks in the car. If your library system is like mine, it probably has a pretty good selection. I also like listening to audiobooks while cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, etc.

    I don’t know how feasible this is for you, but you could wake up a bit earlier in the morning to squeeze in some reading before work.


    1. I do, actually. When I get breaks. I work in a hospital so they’re not guaranteed. Especially since I’m the only one in the hospital that does my job. But, I squeeze in a few minutes when I manage to take a lumuch break.



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