Sunday Post #27

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What a busy week it has been! I’ve hardly cracked a book (or a Kindle cover) all week. There’s just been way too much going on. My baby kitty is sick right now and that’s been a handful to deal with. I feel like a real mom now. Haha! Plus, work has been crazy busy. The free time I did have this week I spent looking for what I wanted to read next. I looked and looked…and looked… ahh, the perils of only reading from the library. I am at the mercy of what is available

Week in Review


Coming Up

I will be making some changes regarding what memes I participate in. I am debating not posting The Sunday Post anymore. I want to begin participating in It’s Monday, What are you reading? hosted by Book Journey as well as Friday Finds hosted by Should Be Reading.  I feel like a Sunday Post followed by a What I’m Reading post might be redundant. What do you all think? Or perhaps I would just need to change the content of the Sunday Post.

SubscribeAdditionally, I have crafted a weekly digest email that you can subscribe to if you prefer to receive a digest of posts instead of an individual email each time I post.

I know, for me, I love being able to subscribe to email alerts from other bloggers–however, sometimes I’m too busy to actually look at all the individual emails. I do have blogs I subscribe to on Bloglovin’ but I’ll be honest, more often than not I forget to actually go to the site and look at it or open the app and see what I’ve missed.

So, if you’re like me and need something different feel free to click the image above to sign up! There will also be a link in the sidebar if you wish to sign up later.


Hope everyone is having a happy Sunday! Looking forward to hearing your feedback!


3 thoughts on “Sunday Post #27

    1. I did, finally! I have several items on my wishlist right now but none of them I wanted to read right now. Does that happen to you? You’ve got full access to them but…they’re just not the one for the moment. I’m really enjoying only reading via library– it’s taking some of the guess work out of choosing a book! Plus, now that I don’t work there, I’m not bringing home stacks of 4-8 books at a time and not being able to concentrate on one without the other calling to me longingly from my dresser. Haha

      Happy Sunday! Hope you have a good week! :)



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