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Happy New Year & Happy Birthday, Bookishly Speaking!



2015 has arrived! This month also marks my blog’s one year birthday! One year ago I began blogging about books with no previous experience in book reviewing. It’s been a fun and interesting year and I’ve read more books than ever! I’ve made some new friends and I’m practically swimming in books I’d like to read. I am really so glad that I took the leap into the blogging world. Cheers!


2014statsThis year I finished 66 books, completing my Goodreads Challenge of 50 books!

I definitely did not get to read all of the books listed on my to-be-read list for 2014 but I did read some great books this year! I noted my favorites of the year in this post.

Blog-wise I experimented with different posting themes and styles before finding what worked for me. Thanks to you all Bookishly Speaking reached 4,483 views!

And I’d like to say a big thank you to my two top commenters– Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library and Leah @ Books Speak Volumes!

Thank you so much for joining me this year!


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