Top 10 Tuesday: Goals for 2015

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Top 10 Goals for 2015


  • Stop trying to read everything all at once. Seriously, I tend to bring home a stack of library books and then meander my way through 3, 4 or 5 at a time. I think this happens because they’re sitting on my night stand calling to me and I can’t resist. (So, I’m thinking more e-books will help this problem because then I can’t physically look at them.)
  • Write reviews sooner after finishing the book. This hasn’t always been the case with me but I’m noticing that these days I dive into another book and get swept away before I can get down my thoughts on the other. I’ve tried taking notes but I never write down much of anything.
  • Read more of genres I’ve shied away from previously. This is going to include “chick lit” and romance among other things. Perhaps more fantasy, sci-fi, and dystopian.
  • Read. What. I. Want. As a book blogger, it’s easy to get wrapped up in ‘this is a buzz-worthy book and I need to review it’ mindset. This year I had so many books on my list that I felt obligated to review because everyone else was. But, no more. I cannot give quality reviews to books that hold little to no interest for me. It isn’t fair to myself or the author for wasting our time. (Not saying all reviews have to be positive– just that I’m more likely to negatively review something I never had an interest in.)
  • Stop buying books. No, seriously. I love them and I want them all with their beautiful, shiny covers but I can’t. I have a plan and spontaneous book purchases do not fit in to it right now. My goal is to utilize only the library and ARCs for my reading purposes this year. I’m off to a good start– I haven’t bought a book in, well, probably a month. But 2nd & Charles had a BOGO sale… *cough* See what I mean?


  • Find a routine. This year has been mighty hectic what with two jobs and school. But, while I settling into my “new” full time job I am taking school off my plate for one more semester. By accepting this job I will be stabilizing my hours so that I can settle into a daily routine and hopefully life will feel less chaotic.
  • Spend more time with my family. I miss my brother. I miss my aunt, my uncle and my cousin. I miss my grandmother. I want to spend more time with them one on one and together whenever possible.
  • Spend more time with my animals. I know. You’re probably wondering how I can’t not spend time when there are so many, right? Well, I mean quality time. I see them in passing, at feeding time, and long enough to give everyone a quick snuggle but I know they must feel neglected. I’m gone a significant portion of the day and when I get home I have things I need to do.
  • Save more money. I say this every year but the last few have been very difficult to save when there wasn’t much to go around anyway. I tended to be so relieved and excited when I did have a minuscule amount leftover that I would buy something I’d be coveting for awhile (like a book). With this new job I will be making more and hopefully be able to save more as well.
  • Clean out and organize All The Things. I need to seriously de-clutter and simplify. I need everything to have a proper place. I already have plans to paint, re-arrange the bedroom, clean out the closets and dressers and re-organize my bookshelves.


 How about you? What are your goals for the new year?

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