Sunday Post #25: I survived the holidays, did you?

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Week in Review

Hi everyone! How was your holiday? Did you survive? I flew to Dallas, TX to meet up with our gang at my aunt and uncle’s house and it was a blast. It was my first time visiting Dallas and, I have to say, it reminds me a bit of NYC but without the yuck factor and more spread out. Getting there proved to be challenging as it seemed like I had to jump through several hoops before the fates were appeased. I have to share because it was such a disaster!

TL;DR – First, I worked 6am-6pm the day before and squeezed in about three hours of sleep before I learn my flight was cancelled (a little after midnight). Then all flights w/ American Airlines were cancelled. So I got a seat with Southwest from a different airport/city, altogether. It’s about 3am while all this is happening and I’m tired but relieved. The weather outside is awful and about this time the tornado sirens start going off. So, I huddle myself and our animals in the hallway until it passes. Then… then, I walk into my room to find one of my cats going pee IN my freshly packed suitcase. I cannot make this up folks!!! I then spent the two and a half hours of potential sleep time laundering everything in that suitcase instead. What a morning! Thankfully, after that little mishap, things settled down and everything else went smoothly. Whew!

Have any holiday horror stories? Share them in the comments! Now, onto the Sunday Post!

Posts from Last Week


Just Finished


Before leaving for holiday I managed to finish Smoke Gets in Your Eyes and then, as if by magic, my e-book hold for Anna and the French Kiss became available just before leaving so I read that in my downtime at the airport and on the flight to Dallas. I ended up flying through it and finished it just a day or so after arriving! Cute story!

What I'm Reading(or listening to as the case may be!)


I had to put the remainder of Jackaby on hold until I got back in town since I didn’t want to carry any  physical books with me (especially library books) but I am very nearly done with it! Before my trip, I picked up a few audiobooks for the drive to/from the airport and started with Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I’m about 95% done with this one! While away, I ended up finishing Anna and the French Kiss and I still had a few ARCs on my Kindle, so I’m giving Vanessa and Her Sister another shot. I’m enjoying it much more this time around.

Coming Up

  • [Review] Hit by Lorie Ann Grover
  • Top 10 Tuesday: Goals or Resolutions for 2015
  • [Review] Falling into Place by Amy Zhang
  • Prep for Bout of Books 12 (Jan 5th-11th)


What are you up to this Sunday? How were your holidays? :)


8 thoughts on “Sunday Post #25: I survived the holidays, did you?

  1. Sounds like a crazy trip! I would have seriously tempted to strangle the cat! Peeing in suitcases is not cool! It does sound like you got some good reading/listening done. It sounds like you’re having some trouble getting into Vanessa and Her Sister? I’m intrigued by that one but haven’t read it yet. Have a great week and Happy New Year!


    1. Oh, man. After all that mess the cat was seriously the last straw! I nearly had a meltdown!

      I had started reading it previously and I’m not sure why but I really couldn’t get into it at that point in time. I think I might have just had too many other things going on and couldn’t focus. But, this time I’m enjoying it much more and I’m intrigued enough to keep picking it up. (I will also mention that the layout of the book is strange in e-book format and I think it will be easier for others to absorb on paper.)


  2. Holidays are great but travelling is hell! At least you had some great books to help keep you sane! I have Anna to read soon and I’d love to read Thirteen Reasons Why in 2015 but I think I’ll need to work myself up for it. It seems so emotional.


  3. Cats have very strange ways of showing their feelings, don’t they?

    Thanks for sharing your books and your life….I enjoyed Falling Into Place…I am curious about Thirteen Reasons Why. Enjoy your week.


    1. Thank you! And yes, they surely do. Not sure if it was separation anxiety or nervousness about the severe storms (or both)! I’m honestly just glad I saw it otherwise I might have had a smelly suitcase when I arrived!



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