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Nonfiction November: Diversity & Nonfiction


Diversity and Nonfiction: What does “diversity” in books mean to you? Does it refer to book’s location or subject matter? Or is it the author’s nationality or background? What countries/cultures do you tend to enjoy or read about most in your nonfiction? What countries/cultures would you like nonfiction recommendations for? What kind of books besides different cultures do you think of as books of diversity?

For me, diversity is about embracing everything — and the same goes for diversity in nonfiction (and fiction, too)! That being said, a look at my Goodreads tracking tells me that I could really stand to branch out a little more! That being said, I only really began to read heavily and include nonfiction just this year after starting work at the library and since then I’ve added tons of things to my TBR.

Some favorites I’ve read so far:

Ideally, I would like to read on a wider array of topics. This year I branched out and began reading some historical nonfiction and discovered that I really enjoy it! Before, the nonfiction I had been reading was mostly limited to philosophy, feminism or Buddhism. I have noticed that a lot of my nonfiction choices are written by white men or women and I would like to change that. Like I said, I’ve added a lot of great things to my TBR and I will share those in my next NF November post!

Post your Nonfiction November links in the comments!

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