Sunday Post #19: Library haul & vote for my next chunkster!

NEW Sunday Post

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This week has been really nice since I only had one chapter of school work to complete! Also, my mid-terms are over! *throws confetti* I am happy to report that I made a 92 on it. I will say that my Nonfiction November has been thoroughly disappointing but through no fault of the books — with NaNoWriMo happening, the majority of the nonfiction I’ve been reading are books about writing. Not all that fun. Next year, I will have to choose which things to participate in instead of trying to Do All the Things.  Oh, well. Lesson learned!

In other news, our new kitty has settled right in here. He’s not shy at all which surprised me. He seems to think he’s a big boy already because he doesn’t mind playfully attacking the older cats. They’ve all been really good with him, though. A few hisses and growls but that’s to be expected. What we didn’t expect, however, is for our youngest puppy to take to him the way she did! She loves him!! How cute are they?!

Also, the blog got a makeover! If you’re reading via email or WP Reader, come check it out!


  • DR. MUTTER’S MARVELS by Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz [in progress – Nonfiction November] – So far, I am really enjoying this! I am a little morbid in that I love anything to do with old medical things–hospitals, bottles and jars, graphic details of surgery before things were sparkling clean. I can’t explain it but this is definitely my kind of read!
  • THE FAME LUNCHES by Daphne Merkin – This got mixed reviews on Goodreads but it seemed like it was worth a shot. I’m always interested in essays about contemporary topics.

Not sure if I will have time to get to everything that I’d like to but, I’m going to try!

Don’t forget to vote for the next chunkster novel I should read over here!

How has your week been?



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3 thoughts on “Sunday Post #19: Library haul & vote for my next chunkster!

  1. Congrats with finishing mid term! Before I used to participate in everything I’ve stumbled upon, but I’ve learned my lessons too. Haha! I wish I could have cats as well, but I can’t. I’m allergic and that’s why I love Hello Kitty. Furrless and cuteness. :D

    Here’s mine:

    PS: New follower ♥



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