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Nonfiction November: Be the Expert [Week Two]


Week 2: (Nov. 10 to 14) hosted by LeslieBe The Expert/Ask the Expert/Become the Expert: Three ways to join in this week! You can either share 3 or more books on a single topic that you have read and can recommend (be the expert), you can put the call out for good nonfiction on a specific topic that you have been dying to read (ask the expert), or you can create your own list of books on a topic that you’d like to read (become the expert).

Hi everyone! How is your week going so far? Are you participating in Nonfiction November? I promise I’ve been trying but… let’s just say that NaNoWriMo and school are taking it out of me pretty good. I have collapsed into bed and instantly been asleep before having the chance to read the entire last week! Oh, well. I will get to them eventually!

Be the Expert: Books on Buddhism

While I’m no true “expert” I have read a handful of books on the meaning and study of Buddhist beliefs and I thought I might share those here today! Maybe you’re not religious or spiritual in any way, and that’s okay. I don’t feel that Buddhism is overtly spiritual unless you want it to be. It is, essentially, the practice of being a good human.


  • The Dhammapada based on the teachings of Buddha himself is a great place to start to get an idea of what Buddhism really is. Utterances on compassion, kindness and learning ones self are the root of Buddhist study.
  • Reconciliation: Healing the Inner Child by Thích Nhất Hạnh discusses the use of Buddhist practices to encourage wellness and balance mental health. Mindfulness is the heart of the book and gives practical ways to achieve it. This book has been particularly helpful for me!

Become the Expert: Books on Historical Events & People

Okay, okay–these aren’t all about the same event/person, etc. But, let’s just overlook that fact so I can squee about them, alright?

I cannot wait to read all of these!! I started the audiobook version of A Train in Winter but it moved so slowly that I felt I would do better to read it myself. I also managed to talk the library into ordering Empty Mansions and  The Professor and the Madman just for me. :D There are a few perks to working in a library!


Have you read any of the books I’ve mentioned? Or do you have any suggestions for my already impossibly long TBR pile? :)


14 thoughts on “Nonfiction November: Be the Expert [Week Two]

  1. Empty Mansions is waiting for me…I’m reading Cleopatra for the readalong right now. Your other choices also look very compelling.


  2. Hmmm…. A book about the making of a dictionary. Bet that was atough sell to the publishers… :-)

    Devil in the White City was interesting. (Although the parts about the murderer were a lot more so than the parts about the Worlds Fair. :-))


    1. I’ve seen that in my last few visits to the book store and thought about picking it up! I’ll be honest, the author’s usual genre made me hesitate, but I will give it a more thorough investigation. :)


  3. I’ve read and enjoyed 3 of your history recommendations–Empty Mansions (LOVED IT!!), Professor and the Madman, and Devil in the White City. I have GOT TO READ Liar Temptress Soldier Spy–I’m hearing about it everywhere!



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