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Currently Reading: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

I’m still slacking in the update and review department but I feel like I’ve had so many other things going on that everything fun has taken a real backseat for now.

the-historianThat being said, I started The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova on September 24th and… I’m still not finished with it! This has to be the longest time I’ve taken to read a book!

To be honest, the beginning felt so slow and difficult to get into. The writing style is not something I’ve seen before–with numerous pages of quoted text but without any quotations. (Is this a thing that I’m just clueless about?) It was difficult to tell who was actually doing what to start off with but I think I’ve got it down, now.

The library’s mystery book club (The Whodunit Club, haha) is reading this presently and so far I’ve had several patrons plus the group leader bail on it! Apparently, it’s too slow moving for some. It definitely moved at a snail’s pace through about the first 200 pages but it’s picked up and people are dying so now it’s interesting. Ha! I may be the only one to actually finish it… if I can pick up the pace a bit. We meet the 14th!

Has anyone else read The Historian? What did you think of it? (No spoilers, though!)



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