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July Monthly Wrap Up

Well, lovelies, we survived another month. I am happily waving bye bye to July in hopes that August might bring a temperature break here in the south. I am so dreadfully tired of being hot. I do have good news! Summer Reading Program has ended and thus the library has returned to it’s usual near silent self. It is fantastic.

Books Completed This Month

Yet again, another month where I feel I’ve barely read a thing. I am cutting myself some slack, however, due to the Summer Reading Program at the library, school assignments and finals. Perhaps next month will be better!

Best Book of the Month

As much as I really enjoyed Brutal Youth, I think I would have to say that A Paris Apartment was my favorite of the month.This book sparked my wanderlust and my desire to resume French language lessons. (I haven’t had a French lesson since… third grade!)

I really enjoyed this book and I’m very glad I picked it up at random in the library! It’s difficult to top a Paris setting, antique furniture, a bit of mystery and a touch of romance.

Has anyone else read this yet?

Have a Look Back

How was your month?

Hope everyone is doing well!


4 thoughts on “July Monthly Wrap Up

    1. Woohoo! I am SOOO overjoyed that it’s over. Our library tried something new this year and we had a point system where the kids could trade in points for prizes and it was just such a mess. It was time consuming, the prizes were crappy and some kids read SO much that they hit the point max really early and still ended up with crummy prizes.


    1. I was impressed. It was definitely a page turner. If you enjoyed The Fever you may want to check out Brutal Youth by Anthony Breznican. It was gripping!



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