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Organized Bookshelves!

bookshelves, organized, organizing, read

I re-organized my bookshelves today! That also including finally hanging some art and cleaning out a stack of books to donate/sell. Woohoo! To read more about my very productive day, check out my personal blog.



2 thoughts on “Organized Bookshelves!

  1. How pretty! I love your owls! We have one that lives in a tree on the side of our house and I always like hearing him. I see a few favorite books on your bookshelves – especially Rebecca. Have you read anymore of her work? I read The Birds and it was amazing. I keep meaning to hunt up more books by her.


    1. Thank you! ^__^

      I have not read anything else by du Maurier! Not yet, anyway. I think it’s one of those things where I really loved the book I read and I’m afraid reading more by the same author might destroy the magic in some way? That’s probably weird but that’s how my brain works! lol



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