Saturday Spotlight: I Wore a Bikini…

satspotSaturday Spotlight is a weekly feature where I will spotlight things that I feel should be shared, whether it be a good cause, a website, a resource, a news article, or just another blog post. Sometimes things just need to be shared!




So, this post occurred on the Huffington Post Blog just before the holiday and I just had to share it.

We spend FAR too much time and money concerned with bodily appearances! Seriously, the beauty industry is absurd. Damn near everything in it exists because, at some point in time, some marketing executives in the fifties/sixties/seventies, etc. (which I’m sure I don’t need to mention were predominantly male–come on, you’ve seen Mad Men, right?) decided that in order to sell ____ they needed to increase their market to include women. Well, how do you market things like razors to women? Tell them their leg and armpit hair is unsightly and dirty! How do you get women to buy your exercise equipment? Tell them that whatever size their body is currently is the wrong size and imply that they have no value and will never be successful/loved/appreciated/whatever until their body meets the criteria mentioned in the advertisement.

Just this past weekend I purchased a swimsuit for the first time in about ten years. I’ve been putting it off because I hardly ever come into contact with water outside of the shower and the garden and when I mentioned this on Facebook, I wrote that I had done so only because it was deemed socially unacceptable to swim in my undergarments. The second response I received was from a male (surprise, surprise) who asked, “wouldn’t underwear be more revealing?” Why? Because, he presumed that a woman of my size would naturally (obviously?) choose a one piece. I responded simply that it still covered all the necessary bits required by law.

Things like this–comments like these are why I’m posting this and why I reposted this article (along with a rant) on my Facebook. In just a few brief statements he put his ideas about what is acceptable for a bikini all over me and my body.

It’s so easy to not question why we think something. It is so easy to look at what someone is wearing and make fun of it, snicker, giggle or maybe gasp in shock. But we need to stop worrying about others and worry about ourselves. Who am I hurting if I want to wear a bikini with my untanned chub out there for the world to see? Not a soul.

Next time you find yourself in a situation where you may be tempted to make fun of someone’s wardrobe choices ask yourself why. And then have a long think to yourself about how you’re letting others dictate your thoughts and actions for you by not questioning them or trying to view them from a different perspective.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Spotlight: I Wore a Bikini…

  1. I was wondering if this article would get responses in the blogging community :p I read it and I have definite thoughts about the article, but again (like yesterday), I think it may be better if I just keep my mouth shut here, lol. However, I will say this-I’ve experienced first hand how being overweight harms the body, and from my own struggles with weight (and the health problems that came along with it), it does really irritate me when there’s articles published, defending being overweight as ok.

    I could care less what kind of swimsuit someone wears, but I do care when someone focuses on that issue (person in the article), instead of the real and very serious health issues not being talked about at all. I look at this whole topic from a health standpoint, and these types of articles just make me sad.

    Ok, stepping away from the keyboard now haha.


    1. She didn’t write the article about health issues because there are a million articles on health issues available all over the place. What nobody talks about is how cruelly we treat those that are different from ourselves. The point of the article is not to educate people on how unhealthy it is to be fat. Not at all. And people that often say they don’t agree with things because it’s not focusing on the health aspect are often those that just don’t feel comfortable saying they don’t like her body. She addresses that in the article.



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