Thursday Thoughts: Book Tastes

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This week’s topic:


Currently, do you feel like you have a set genre or type of book that is your go-to and people know as “your genre?” Is there a genre that you’ve always loved or been drawn to in particular? Have you noticed your taste in books changing over time? Is there a genre or type of book that you used to love, but no longer read/enjoy? If so, what genre and why do you think that is?

I do feel like I’ve developed a taste for certain genres over the years. I used to pick up just anything and everything but these days I find that I gravitate toward literary fiction, historical fiction and some contemporary fiction. I’ve even done the rounds with murder-mystery and crime drama novels (started the Bourne series awhile back).

I think it was when I began working at the library and so many books at my fingertips and I could pick and choose without feeling like I was burdening myself with a book unnecessarily. I’m the type of person that feels that if I purchased a book then I should read it otherwise I’ve wasted my money. Now that we have a library that is closer to me I can leave with a stack of books and read a bit of each one to determine if I like it or not.

While I feel drawn mostly to literary fiction and historical fiction I do also find myself wanting to read other things–so maybe those are the books that I end up liking best perhaps. But, it hasn’t swayed my interest in wanting to read things outside of those genres at all.

How about you guys? Do you have a certain “flavor” book you like?


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Book Tastes

  1. I work at a library and it means that I can read so many more books and try different genres I usually wouldn’t. I feel like I don’t have a go to genre right now, but I do really love my dystopians. I’ve been reading more contemporaries recently, and I really enjoy them.



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