Thursday Thoughts: Reading Conditions


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This week’s topic:
Reading Conditions

Is there somewhere you always read or spend the most time reading (ie. your bed, couch, comfy chair)? What time of day do you usually read or is it varied? Are you the type of person who can read with music on? Do you become easily distracted under certain conditions? If so, which conditions? What is your ideal reading setting and situation?

Most of my reading tends to happen in the evening time and generally in bed or on the couch in the living room. However, when the weather is just right, I’ve been known to camp out on a blanket in the backyard with a pillow and a glass of iced tea!

As far as noise levels go, I definitely cannot read with music on. I tend to get lost in the music and re-read the same paragraph over and over. I will say that my distraction levels likely vary depending on the book itself. If it’s a great read and I’m fully absorbed in it you might have to tap me to get my attention. If it’s only a so-so read then I’m usually distracted by things like cats walking on me, wanting to go outside, requiring belly rubs, etc. If I’m sitting in the living room then there’s about a 75% chance that the cats will harass me (one is biting my foot as I type this) or mom will talk to me. (Which, I don’t mind if you’re reading this, mom!) I usually just accept that as par for the course of reading in a shared room.

My ideal reading environment would likely be my own place (someday!), snuggled up with my kitties on a sofa by the window… in the fall with apple cider…and wearing a sweater! Haha!

How about you guys? What is your ideal reading environment?


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Reading Conditions

  1. I’m very lucky in that I can read through just about everything – radio, TV, kids talking to me, natural disasters, etc! Though like with you it does depend on the quality of the read. I do like to curl up in a comfy chair that’s in the living room especially when it’s raining but that’s generally more of a daydream than anything else right now. I do a lot of reading in bed as well. That’s when I’m finally able to sit down and read.


  2. That sounds like a lovely idea, especially the kitties. I miss the dog who used to be my reading partner! I do like reading with my partner’s house rabbit, when I visit. She likes to climb on and nibble me, but sometimes she’ll cuddle up.

    My post.



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