Life of a Blogger: Favorite Sports Teams


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300_21115In south Alabama you’re assigned a football team at birth. That’s just the way it goes. If your parents root for the same team then it’s pretty much a given where you’ll stand. If you come from a “house divided” then it could go either way. Okay, so it’s not anything officially assigned per se but trust me when I say football in south is taken seriously and if you don’t support the team your parents support then things might get ugly.

That being said, I’m an Alabama Crimson Tide fan. My grandparents were, my mother is, my uncle is… you see where I’m going with this. Personally, I really couldn’t care two shakes about the football game itself but it’s fun to watch especially when it gets everyone together. Plus, football season pretty much kicks off the beginning of my favorite season–fall!

I’m old enough now I could choose any team I wanted to root for, however, my cousin graduated from Alabama, I plan to attend Alabama for my MLIS degree and well, let’s be honest–with my coloring crimson looks much more flattering on me than orange. Only kidding about that last one. Sort of.

I honestly just enjoy anything that helps me bond with my family. So in the spirit of family…




6 thoughts on “Life of a Blogger: Favorite Sports Teams

    1. I know! I was born here in Alabama but after living in New York for a few years and coming back it really opened my eyes to how serious some people are about it! I mean, it’s sports! It’s for fun! And yet, we have incidents like the tree at Toomer’s Corner ( and people being killed over it. That is just absolutely terrible!

      On my way to check out your post!


      1. I know right where that is! I had family in Dothan but then they moved over to Spanish Fort. I’m originally from Birmingham but am in Huntsville now – top middle, full of engineers. I just received The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street in the mail! Thank you so much! I”m really looking forward to reading it!

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