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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @
Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog. 


rubyWhat a week! This week we found out someone we thought we knew abandoned their animals when they moved homes and it’s been an absolute mad dash to get the word out and get them fostered/adopted before animal control euthanized them. Luckily, they’ve all been pulled from the shelter! I am currently fostering a pit bull named Ruby! (See that adorable face there?!) The others have all been adopted! Who said Facebook wasn’t good for anything, hmm? It just saved the lives of four dogs! Hooray!

If you live in the area please contact me if you’re interested in adopting/fostering Ruby!




I requested this title on NetGalley mostly because the cover intrigued me. (I’m a sucker for a good cover.) Let me just tell you I have never had a prologue to a book grip me so thoroughly! Just a few pages in I was hooked. I haven’t made a lot of progress, however, mostly because no matter how I try, I just do not enjoy reading on my Kindle or iPad. I hate it. I can’t hold it comfortably. It just doesn’t work for me. (Not to mention, Amazon deserves no love.)

This meant that I needed to buy a hard copy since it was released June 10th, however, my local Barnes & Noble does not carry it for some reason. >__< Instead, I will have to order it online. Lame! So, I am “currently reading” but on a slight pause at the moment!




As a reward to myself for accomplishing something I’ve wanted to do for a while I allowed myself to purchase these two items. Them being 40% off had absolutely nothing to do with it, either.



Remember how I said I was tackling the TBR list by assigning myself reading for the remainder of the year? Ha. Ha! HA! Yeah, right. That is not happening. I think I must have some inherent sense of rebellion because it felt an awful lot like an assignment for literature class. Which, of course, left me thinking, “I don’t want to!” Why is that? I will read things for pleasure easy as pie but if someone tells me I have to read it? Forget it. I don’t want any part of it. So, list is going out the window.

Instead I’m going to try a tactic someone suggested in the comments. I will actually dedicate a shelf for TBR books and as I purchase them, they will go there. I’m also going to keep it at a minimum. If I’m not 100% excited to read it then I will not buy it/check it out and put it on the TBR shelf. Ideally, it will be a small handful of books–maybe 5 at most because having too many choices means I won’t make any choices.



Some of my library coworkers have a moment of silence for a fallen copy of The Hobbit that didn’t survive the last patron checkout.

How was your week?


11 thoughts on “Sunday Post

    1. I know! It made me really angry too because I remember several months ago my mom mentioning the same woman wanting to adopt a pit bull. Turns out she went to the flea market and bought one from a breeder. (Don’t let me get up on that soap box…) Then when she moved she just left her! WTH!

      Anyway, thank you! Have a good week too! I’m heading over to your Sunday Post. :)


  1. People who use animals and leave them like trash should not be allowed to have any ! Congrats on your action :)
    The Donna Tart book looks interesting. Have a great week !
    (having trouble commenting on WordPress today !!)

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    1. I completely agree. Animal Control showed us the police report and they reported 5 dogs left behind! She only told us she left two. Apparently, she kept one with her when she moved but I’ve got a good mind to call the authorities and report her for animal abuse. She shouldn’t even get to keep one!


  2. Oh my, people who are cruel to animals are not nice people full stop. If you can be cruel to animals you can be cruel to people, I know how much effort it takes to take on / foster animals and the rewards are just great. Love Ruby, and love her name (my daughter’s name LOL)
    The Goldfinch is on my TBR pile, loved the other Donna Tartt books and this one got really good reviews, so I’m looking forward to it.Have a great week and Happy Reading.
    My Sunday Post is here

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    1. I know it! I often wonder how people treat their children if they will treat animals so poorly. I’m not really sold on her name. Nothing against the name Ruby (or your daughter!) but it makes me think of Ruby on Supernatural and she was a Bad Person. Plus Ruby the Dog is so docile and shy I kind of want to name her something that reflects that. But, I promised myself I wouldn’t get attached since we have another foster lined up for her (we already have 4 dogs, 8 cats). :(

      I have been hesitant to read The Goldfinch just because so many others have given it wonderful reviews. I guess I’ve been afraid it would disappoint me. But, I picked it up and got sucked into the first paragraph so I bought it.

      Have a good week! Heading to your Sunday Post now!


  3. I had friends (past tense) who actually euthanized their dog when they moved because they didn’t want to take him. People are very strange sometimes.
    It was very good of you to foster one of them.
    I know what you mean about it seeming like school sometimes, I will finish something I have told a publisher or writer I will review but if it’s too long — not gonna happen. My link up in the meme is

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  4. So excited that you picked up The Goldfinch – it’s a favorite!
    That picture with The Hobbit is fantastic and makes it sound like you have a pretty great time at work :)


  5. That’s horrible, those poor animals :( I can’t understand how people can do that, my pets are a part of me and I can’t even think of abandoning them like that.

    I can’t find myself reading on my ipad either, much that is. Some ARC’s I just have to read on it. I don’t know it’s strange but I when holding a print copy I always enjoy it more. Hope your copy of Brutal Youth arrives soon, so you can get back to reading :)

    Here’s my Sunday update ;)



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