Life of a Blogger: Embarrassing Things


Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature hosted by Novel Heartbeat on various topics to get to know us bloggers when we’re not blogging! 


This week’s topic is… embarrassing things! Oh, boy do I have some.

I have eight cats. 


This is probably the most embarrassing thing to have to tell anyone, ever. I cannot tell you how many people immediately start with the Cat Lady jokes, especially since I also work in a library. Ha! Truth is, a friend of mine knew someone that found a litter of kittens and their mother in his barn and he was going to kill them instead of take them to a shelter. So, I took them. Now, looking back, I probably should have just driven straight to the shelter myself and never even looked at them. But, that isn’t what happened.

Instead, I brought them home where I tried to gauge their overall health. The mother was dehydrated and couldn’t feed her little ones so I bought replacement milk and bottles to feed them until she was back to normal. It took them a day or so, but eventually they all began to look better, eat more and start moving around more. (Pictured: Meeko (mine previously), L-R: Bandit, Bear, Fritz, Sara and Shadow)


The plan was to adopt them all out, including the mom, but after numerous ads in the newspaper, online, flyers, and word of mouth I still only found a home for just one of them. That was nine months ago. Now, they are healthy, happy, sassy little fluff balls that have become part of our daily lives. Even our dogs love them! I know when I prepare to move somewhere it will be a hassle if I try to keep them but for the time being, I just don’t think about it because it makes me sad (Pictured: Baby Sara and Baby Bandit)


It may be embarrassing to admit how many there are but I adore them so very much. I knew I was toast the minute they gave me such awe-struck little looks with their big kitten eyes, like they knew I had saved them from something terrible. They are extremely affectionate with me, my  mom and her dogs. They even snuggle with the pups! (Pictured: Shadow doing his best Hang in There, Kitty impression)

kittens4They routinely provide us with their crazy antics and crack us up. Their new favorite thing is drinking water from the sink instead of their water bowls. I’m not sure when or how they learned that this was acceptable, but now it’s a regular thing. Also, Bandit really enjoys watching me brush my teeth. Turn on the water in the bathroom and he’s there even if he was asleep thirty seconds prior!  (Pictured: Molly, the mommy cat, being a nosy neighbor)


So, life as a “Cat Lady”… embarrassing, yes. Rewarding? Definitely!


8 thoughts on “Life of a Blogger: Embarrassing Things

  1. It can get pretty costly for sure. I know it’s crazy for me to keep them all but I’ve gotten so attached to them I’m not sure I could let them go to even the best homes possible. (I write this as one is maneuvering his way into my arms like a baby demanding to be held. Haha)


    1. Haha they are super adorable all of the time so that helps when they’re being wild and crazy. It wasn’t so bad when they were really tiny because they didn’t do too much to get into trouble but now, whew. Now they are “teenagers” and stubborn just like humans!



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