Bout of Books 10 Wrap Up & Final Challenge

So, the end is in sight and I lived through it.

It’s been a rough week, I won’t lie. I had surgery on Thursday and felt pretty good Thursday and Friday but yesterday was terrible and today was even worse. I did read some today but who knows if I will recall any of it thanks to the pain killers I’m on. Obviously, it does not appear I am ready to return to work tomorrow. -___-

Bout of Books 10 Wrap Up

Total pages read: 836  (Goal 700!)

Total books completed: 2.5

Overall, I would say not bad especially given how I’ve felt this week.

Now, onto the final challenge…


Re-title your current read mini challenge by Magic Hour

Currently reading Fin & Lady by Cathleen Schine and I must say that I’m a little disappointed thus far. I’m a little over 70% of the way through it and so far not a whole lot has happened.

The plot centers around Fin, an eleven year old boy who is orphaned and left to be cared for by his half-sister, Lady who lives in New York City and is pretty much ridiculously irresponsible but not enough to damage the kid. From what I’ve gathered so far, it reads an awful lot like The Great Gatsby 2.0 if Daisy Buchanan were a single woman in the sixties. Plenty of money, good looking, men falling all over her but all she wants is to be “free” and have fun but never wants to actually be alone, so she strings these poor fellows along year after year.

So, I would currently retitle it: Pretty Little Fool as Daisy says in The Great Gatsby,

I hope she’ll be a fool—that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.


2 thoughts on “Bout of Books 10 Wrap Up & Final Challenge

    1. Thank you! The cover is definitely what drew me in. I’m determined to finish it just so I can know for sure how things work out. Definitely not the worst book I’ve read!



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